We have built state of the art OpenSource, interoperable and scalable technology solutions for citizens and urban governance bodies to manage, monitor and interact in a transparent manner. Our solutions include an ERP suite, Data Analytics, Visualization and Mobile apps. Together these enable efficient and effective operations, better decision making and contact-less , paperless urban service delivery.


eGov’s products helps track the revenue earned by means of

  • Collecting property tax
  • Issuing trade licenses
  • Allotting its land and buildings to carry out business
  • Collecting usage charges and service fees for the services it renders

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ULB incurs major expenses in

  • Payroll and Pension disbursement
  • Carrying out works management
  • Purchase and inventory maintenance
  • Maintenance of assets

eGov has excellent products that help manage the above expenses accurately.
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Citizen Convenience

eGov has easy to use systems to facilitate citizens in

  • Obtaining birth and death certificate
  • Registering their grievances with the ULB
  • Obtaining building plan approvals

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Administrative Efficiency

eGov has developed systems to manage the back office operations and enhance the administrative efficiency of the ULBs. Applications to efficiently handle the following have been made available.

  • Employee information
  • All incoming and outgoing documents
  • Legal cases

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